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 2014 Bathurst 1000 Classic - Results Are In! 
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Solid turnout of 26 cars for Round 3 of the Endurance Series.

Qualifying showed a huge spread in the field, but it was down more to alien drivers than the cars. Bojan Mikic would snatch pole in his Alfa Romeo after a session-long battle with EVOL's Chris James. James would hold the top spot in his Skyline until the very end of the session, Mikic pulling off a 16.477, an unbelievable .008 seconds ahead! Cameron Wagner and Tom Lory would make up Row 2 about half a second back, with the rest of the field 2+ seconds behind that, well off the pace.

The race would end up much the same way, an epic battle between James and Mikic, each on completely different strategies. James would lead early and often, running on a softer compound than the Croatian, and the battle would reflect that; James would have a significant lead in the first third of the race, but as the tires wore in, Mikic's Hard compounds would take over and he would close the gap--by Lap 20 he would be all over the back of the Nissan, briefly challenging for the lead on a couple of occasions, James just barely holding him off. James would pit on Lap 22 for his single stop, intending to go all the way on Hards at that point.

Mikic would take the exact opposite strategy, stretching his Hard tires all the way to Lap 34, running on fumes, and at first looked to be the perfect call; he would jump out of the pits about 3 seconds ahead of James, and thanks in part to a little traffic, would draw out to about 6 seconds. But his softer tires would prove his downfall, with only about five laps left, James would catch the leader and the two would again go toe to toe, Mikic gaining time over the top of the Mountain and James drawing back down Conrod. Mikic's tires would give out, though, getting way loose through Turn 3, and James would slip by to take over the lead after an epic battle!

Chris James then takes his second-straight win in the Bathurst 1000 Classic, in two different cars--although this one was surely more challenging! Mikic would hang on for second despite the car being all over the place, a comfortable buffer to third. Cameron Wagner would round out the podium after an early battle with Tom Lory, making it three different marques in the Top 3. Lory would finish 4th, making it two EVOL drivers in the Top 5, with WTCC_87 champ Angelo dos Santos rounding out the Top 5 for Rover.

Only one round to go and with this points system, the Endurance Championship is still wide open, the top 9 still mathematically in it. Up next, the year-ending 2.4 Hours of LeMans!

Pole Position: Bojan Mikic (02:16.477)
Fastest Lap: Bojan Mikic (02:17.912)

Running Order

1. Chris James (Nissan)
2. Bojan Mikic (Alfa Romeo)
3. Cameron Wagner (Ford-Cosworth)
4. Tom Lory (Nissan)
5. Angelo dos Santos (Rover)
6. Rich Coffey (Nissan)
7. Kevin Juliot (Mercedes-Benz)
8. Dale Beatty (Nissan)
9. Kit Tarboton (Ford-Cosworth)
10. Brandon Smith (Nissan)
11. Rich Minkler (Ford-Cosworth)
12. Sherman Baumann (BMW)
13. Sheldon Woloshyn (BMW)
14. Jonathan Hill (Mercedes-Benz)
15. Brian Potvin (Nissan)
16. Robert Lemon (Mercedes-Benz)
17. Chris Sherburn (BMW)
18. Jeff Bock (BMW)
19. Barry King (BMW)
20. Dan Minges (Mercedes-Benz) (DNF)
21. Mike Campbell (Mercedes-Benz) (DNF)
22. Bryan Edginton (Nissan) (DNF)
23. John Culbert, Jr. (Rover) (DNF)
24. Doug Newman (Ford-Cosworth) (DNF)
25. Tim Porter (Toyota) (DNF)
26. Cam Porter (Volvo) (DNF)

efnetsimracing 2014 Endurance Racing Championship - Standings as of Round 3

1. Tom Lory Image 52pts
2. Chris James Image 50pts
3. Rich Coffey Image 34pts
4. Chris Sherburn Image 33pts
5. Cam Porter Image 32pts
-- Sheldon Woloshyn Image 32pts
7. Bojan Mikic Image 28pts
8. Caleb Marklein Image 27pts
-- Rich Mink Image 27pts
10. Pat Sweeney Image 25pts
-- Angelo dos Santos Image 25pts
12. Dale Beatty Image 24pts
13. Kevin Juliot Image 21pts
14. Dave Hutton Image 20pts
-- Dan Minges Image 20pts
16. Robb McDonough Image 18pts
-- Nabil Abusharr Image 18pts
-- David Fernandes Image 18pts
-- Mike Campbell Image 18pts
20. Sherman Baumann Image 17pts
21. Dave Carlton Image 16pts
22. Cameron Wagner Image 15pts
23. Juan Ciminari Image 14pts
-- Anthony Aden Image 14pts
-- Doug Newman Image 14pts
26. Dookie Image 12pts
-- John Culbert, Jr. Image 12pts
-- Kit Tarboton Image 12pts
29. yepp2000 Image 10pts
30. Phil Lewis Image 8pts
-- Glenn Corliss Image 8pts
32. Mike Allgood Image 6pts
-- Mike Roark Image 6pts
34. Chris Hamilton Image 4pts
-- Tony Harper Image 4pts
-- Brandon Smith Image 4pts
-- Barry King Image 4pts
-- Brian Potvin Image 4pts
-- Tim Porter Image 4pts
-- Jeff Bock Image 4pts
41. Bryan Edginton Image 2pts
-- Jonathan Hill Image 2pts

John Culbert, Jr.
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Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:59 am
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John Culbert, Jr.
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Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:01 pm
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That was an absolute blast.

Well done Chris, Kiby and Cameron - awsome.

First time I have run a pukka race here - we used to race this in TOCA with the V8's maaaaaany years ago - and it was brilliant.

I managed a PB in qualifying and then kept a clean nose throughout with no major issues or offs. Got tapped once by John (who immediately braked and let me through, which cost him a couple of places - sorry John) and once by Shannon or Sharon both at the end of conrod with no regret apparent - and then I collected Dale at the left onto conrod after he was sideways in the track. That let KJ through, never to be seen again by me. So those were my accidents, thankfully, and I could concentrate on the drive.

The starts were a shambles and the one where I held up Dan, sorry man. With first being so tall, what I was doing was planting right foot, hitting 1st and as the revs bogged, back into N and then 1st and my shifter did not like that and so kept me in N. Sorry Dale and Dan again.

Overall a really cool race. KJ, Mike, Dale and for some of it Minkler were pretty much in our own pod and we were able to just bang out the laps. KJ got faster as the race wore on and I could not stay in touch, and what a drive - 9 places gained by him and Sheldon both - so after he got ahead of Dale and Mike it was bye bye.

Dale and I reeled in Mike (who discoed just as I was making my move 8-) ) and then Brandon and that was about it for overtaking. Was stuck behind Dales Skyline for hours it seemed - over the mountain i was with him but then down conrod he had the legs so I was unable to make a move on him. Kiby, James and Zeke lapped me with no problems and were very well behaved, so thanks for that guys.

Love the mod and just sad the Alfa is so slow when I drive it - WTF Kiby does to that machine is beyond me. The Ford was excellent overall but was heavy on tyres when driven hard and I knew I needed something with a little bit of oomph in it to be competitive.

Problem now is that the Panoz handles like a complete ball of shit in comparison - it musta picked up a bug back in California - because I cannot get it to run on this track yet.

So thanks for the race guys and for hosting John and TUM for all the assists. Best two hours of my day today I shit you not.

Christopher "Kit" Tarboton

Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:52 pm
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Congrats to the winners. Great track/mod combo.

Sadly I lost connection on lap 41 I think. I was chasing Dale with Kit on my tail. For several laps I hounded Dale & would lose him down Conrod but make it up through the mountain. Great dicing with Kit also. Was hoping for a top 10 but never made it there...

If anyone has a replay since I discoed. :(


Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:15 pm
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Joined: Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:17 pm
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The race went mostly OK except for my 1/2 spin at Forrest's Elbow. I was trying pretty hard to hold Mike back and got into a bit of a tank slapper at the previous corner and slid my way into the hairpin before coming to a stop. I just held the brake and waited for the impacts if the following cars couldn't get by. Although I lost 3 or 4 places, someone (Kit maybe) tapped me and got me pointed the right way. Minimal damage other than the suspension which never felt right again. The biggest victim of that incident may have been John who then immediately threw it off the road at The Chase. Collision damage?

Later in the race as I was getting lapped by Kiby, I lost concentration and smacked it into the wall. Probably scared him and the other cars on my lap but I don't think there was any major problems for others. Again, just a tweaked suspension.

The end of the race as pretty hairy as Minkler, Kit and someone else were alternately on my bumper. The car was twitchy as hell by that point and the tires were toast. Somehow I held on to the place but it wasn't easy.

Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:26 pm
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Congrats Kiby and James on your unbelievable pace and battle upfront.

All week I worked on qualy speed because the race was just going to be driving and staying out of trouble, late in the week I finally got the Merc in the 19's with a 19.6 being my best. So last night I was super bummed to only get a 20.3 good for only 16th spot with Dan and Mike qualifying ahead of me in the other Merc's. Only in warmup did I see that on the final server reset I hadn't loaded my qualy set and had run it with race set full load gas and all. :x :roll:

Final race start my plan was to try and hang with Dan and Mike, it partially worked. Dan had an issue that I got by then I set off after Mike and was hanging with him for a lap till I got it loose somewhere and then a gap opened up. So now I was where I have been so may times before in this race, all by myself in no mans land with a 4-5 sec to Mike ahead and watching Dan behind at 3 sec. Just kept pounding out laps watching the front and back time gaps till I had closed up to Mike chasing Dale chasing Kit and think John was leading our group then. Can't remember all the details of what happened when but somehow I got ahead of Dale and Kit and chasing another time gap to Mike. The disco really sucks Mike it was setting up to be good at the end.

Before the pit stop my medium tires were really causing problems of loosing grip and I had Kit chasing me, he was on hards. So talking to him I decided to change to hards on my pit stop that I took at lap 25. Man that was the right call, they were great the rest of the race. Mikes disco and Brandon's tangle with the wall helped me move up plus the car was real solid at the end.

I had few wall scraps/ glances but nothing that I think affected speed or handling and managed to avoid hitting anyone. All and all I had a fun time finally this year, I knew with the Merc I wasn't even close to be in the hunt but figured I could be the steady "Turtle" and finish well. It was really nice to drive a car that wasn't going do something stupid and try to crash or be on the edge the whole time. :D

Great racing guys and just finishing this one is always an accomplishment, like Red, last guy running on track just wanted to cross the line to finish.


Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:50 pm
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On lap 35, fate returned to Cameron Wagner the third place that it gifted to me last year. Fair enough but Ms Fate probably ruined what would likely have been a very entertaining race for the podium between Zeke and me.

Being in the middle of a racing season with the right hand drive LMPC made me want to drive a right hand drive car. The Nissan seemed like the right compromise for Bathurst and with a bunch of post-selection setup we got it to where it was fun to drive and obviously fast.

I made a breakthrough with my steering settings early in the week. Pretty basic thing that I've been missing my entire sim racing "career". Without this race and this mod, it might have never occurred to me, so Big Picture, being off the podium doesn't feel so bad when I think of that.

PB'ed by a large margin in qualifying but so did everyone around me it seemed.

Dave Carlton couldn't be dissuaded from making EIGHT Evol Skyline skins, which helped us easily recognize each other. A shame that Dave couldn't participate and a skin for Allgood was wishful thinking.

Edginton jumped in with little practice and an unfamiliar setup, ironic that he reportedly was going better in the harder to drive Mustang early in the week.

I'm not sure where all the hostility towards restarts is coming from. Sure, I was aggravated two or three times when my good start was nullified but a fair start for everyone is arguably more important and it doesn't really cost all that much time (easy to say in the Pacific time zone).

Tom Lory
2014 AES Champion
2015 GTC-1 Pro Champion
2015 SCCS GT1 Pro Champion
2015 AES Champion
2016 AES Champion
2017 AES Champion
2018 GTC-4 Pro Champion
2018 Simca Abarth 1150 Corsa Cup Pro Champion

Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:21 pm
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Great event. ;)

This time around quite a quiet race for me. I did my best with the Rover. 5th fastest on the Qualy and 5th on the Race.
The guys ahead cleary had the upper hand on me, so nothing I could do.
Had some nice fights with Minkler, Brandon and specially a very nice one with Coffey.
I did a couple of mistakes damaging my car, but nothing too bad or that costed too much time.

All in all Im happy with the result.

Congratulations to Chris on a great Win and to Bojan for put on a great fight.

Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:19 pm
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Had fun in the early stages chasing Sherman around the track, until we met up w/ Doug's prone Sierra leading into The Dipper. Sorry about the thump, she just wouldn't slow down. :( After that I spent a chunk of the race just running laps by myself, but things would get interesting after I made my pit stops. After getting back out onto the track I ended up running with Brandon until the end of the race. Too bad it wasn't for position, as it would've been a heck of a battle. :D

2old4forza @
efnet Trans Am - #135 Burton Power / GBR Ford Mustang Boss 302

Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:38 am

Joined: Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:55 pm
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Started with soft tires by mistake. piited early for mediums and worked my way up some. Pitted again with about 15 laps to go and tryed softs again, should have gone with mediums. Bad pit crew!!!!!! :evil:

Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:08 am
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Joined: Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:12 pm
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A little disappointed in my run but anything but a DNF in this race is a trick! I had a rough week at work and only practiced enough to get a HALF ASSED set up and a little pace. I didn't practice tire wire scenarios or anything and slept through our Friday night practice. I ran on Hards which I hadn't done a lap on until an hour before qualifying. I was trucking right along for most of the race as good as 6th at one point, but I got spooked by a couple of near spins and offs when the hards got worn down and lost ALL my pace. After that I literally got swallowed up by KJ, then Dale, then Kit in the last half hour or so. It wasn't much of a fight! I had decided 10th was better than a wreck and just finished it out!

Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:26 am
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Joined: Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:28 am
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I like this mod.

I like this track.

I despise this mod on this track.

I just cannot figure it out, every damn year. I've won races in WTCC in this car, I even beat Brandon's Mustang in it at the old SILVERSTONE, of all places. But when we come here, I'm a second off Angelo's pace, and no matter what I did I fucked up on tires. Couldn't go more than 6 laps on Softs, but heard several guys running a 2-stopper on Mediums. Figured what the hell, I'll be nice and consistent! Nope, Mediums destroyed about 11 laps in, to the point the car wants to spin at every corner. I obliged it at The Chase.

Ah well. I still have unfinished business at LeMans. That shit owes me one.

EDIT: great battle for the win mind you, glad to see that after a 2 hour race. The car classification seems to be just fine. It's just the two aliens up front that made it a 2-horse race. ;)

Fun while it lasted with Kit, Dale and Jeff. Where did Jeff Bock come from? Backmarker in Sportsman GT to running Top 10 (until he went off) at Bathurst... Guess he likes older slipperier cars. 8-)

John Culbert, Jr.
#66 Adrenaline MMA Silverado

Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:14 pm
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Well that didn't go too well. ;) First I want to appologize to anyone who got caught up in my spin at the top of the hill, I think I saw a BMW (I guess that was Chris) & Merc get collected if not more. I hope that didn't mess you up too bad. I also was no doubt the cause for the 3rd (?) restart when I hugged the inside of T2 too much trying to make sure there was room on my outside, got on the curbing and around she went.

After running 20 laps both Sat. & Sun. morning I knew that my vision was still acting up but I didn't care as I just wanted to see if I could conservatively run to the finish and deal with it. My dumb eyes had nothing to do with me spinning out, I just messed up watching my mirror too much. Then I spent 30 seconds or so trying to restart my car... which hadn't stalled at all but the lack of engine idle sound got me! And this I know as of course I'm not new to the mod but in the moment I forgot. So I head back on track but I can feel the suspension is off a bit and by the time I get to The Chase and hit the brakes and the car lurches sideways violently and I spin off. Better pit for repairs and so I do, 40 seconds worth and I get out without going down a lap. So far so good. Shoot up the hill and brake for T2 and proceed to wreck my car again as she doesn't want to slow at all.

Facepalm! I just filled up the tank in the pits when I didn't mean to and the car was a lot heavier then expected (I was still just going to do 2 stops on mediums like 2 years ago). At this point with the leaders breathing rapidly approaching I wasn't going to crawl over the Mtn. and possibly take someone out so I took the hint and retired. Pretty embarrassed by the whole deal. :oops: I'll make sure I'm better prepared next time I come out to race.

Congrats on the double Chris. Great race between you and Bojan. I was watching the Liveracers feed for the last 20 minutes or so. The battle for 8th was incredibly close for a while there too not mention it looked almost like Cameron had a chance at 2nd as Bojan's tires finally gave up. What was that like 20 seconds gained on the last lap? I'm sure Bojan was slowing down at that point but damn. 8-)

Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:17 pm
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Joined: Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:45 pm
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Had a frickin blast!
Endured my share of bumps and bruises,spins and crash's but just kept on truckin :)

First time with the mod and can't wait to drive again ;)

Was ready for another 50 laps....Bathurst is the crown jewel in my book and glad were going back in a few days

Amazing pace set by the usual suspects and sweet win CJ

Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:27 pm
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Joined: Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:55 pm
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Congratulations guys. Great battle Kiby. We had 4 Evol members in the top 10, congrats guys!

I don't have "thanks" mapped to a button. Everyone I lapped was very gracious when being lapped, a fact that attributed to my win (obviously, right?) You guys did so in a very professional-looking way, I was impressed. Smooth.

Man, that was a weird race. After qualifying, I put race fuel back in my tank, but forgot to put hard tires back on. I went out on mediums. I was really excited when I saw my lap times the first 5 or 6 laps. Then I realized what was going on. Which blew my concentration. I decided to burn as much fuel as I could so that I could take a completely full tank and get back on hard tires as soon as possible, which ended up making my first stint short, filling my tank much more than I was used to for the second stint, and by the end of the race my hard tires were at their limit. The last few laps on the mediums before I pitted were shit.

I pitted as soon as I could, and found myself behind a few people. Then I spun out on the way down the mountain, which added about 20 seconds to that lap. I was pretty sure that I was going to finish third after that clusterfuck. But, as the next 10 or 15 laps came and went, I started gaining about half a second a lap on Kiby. I started getting excited again. Then Kiby pitted, and came out only 3 seconds ahead of me. Whoohoo! I though I had it then, but nope, Kiby started burning laps at what seemed to be more than a second faster than he was before the pits, and gradually built up a healthy 6 or 7 second lead, and I again realized that I was gonna get beat, which I expected anyway.

But then, the tables turned again. Kiby's tires burned out, and for the last few laps, he was down 3,5,6, then 8 seconds on his times! I was able to catch him just a few laps before the finish. Sorry that happened to you Kiby! I hereby promise to run the same car as you the next year. Just that once, though, then it's back to neutered cars for you! :D

There were some fun parts. A couple of times drivers who were fighting for position made contact and spun in front of me, and I got some chances to play dodge the cars on the top of the mountain, which was exhilarating, until the last one wherein I hit the wall pretty hard...

Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:08 pm
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