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 Simca Abarth 1150 Corsa Cup - Rules & Regulations 
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This isn't a "do this or be banned" list, most of these are just common sense and respect. If problems consistently arise, we'll deal with them as they come. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Driver Classification and Registration

- Driver classification (Pro or Sportsman) shall be determined and posted by the admins upon the announcement of the racing series.

The Races

- The server name always begins with "efnetsimracing". You should always find the it in the rfactor lobby within a few refreshes. Alternatively, you can connect by IP: If you don't know the password, request in the current week's race discussion thread and it will be provided to you via private message.

- Please set your connection speed, in Multiplayer Options, to manual, with the values of 110k up/110k down.

- "Official" Practice on the server will begin two hours before qualifying, then a 15 minute private qualifying session followed by a 5 minute warmup/drivers meeting. The schedule for each upcoming weekend shall be posted by midnight Pacific time on Wednesdays.

- There will be NO restarting the race if there a screw-up on the start--just as in real life, if you spin out, blow your engine, hit someone going into Turn 1 or whatever, deal with it.

- One or two may occur for TECHNICAL GLITCHES ONLY. Cars missing, video card freezes, force feedback failures, etc... But the affected driver must let the admins know, LOUD AND CLEAR, that it's happening BEFORE the first lap ends or they're out of luck.

- Races will be run in the four-race Pro Am Short Sprint inverted format. Qualifying sets the field for Race 1, awarding points for the finish. The administrator will then invert the field, so the winner of Race 1 class starts last, second place grids up second to last and so forth to be repeated for Races 3 and 4.

- Damage will be set to 65% so that most major wrecks can be repaired in the pits but will make a difference.

Points System

Four Race Pro Am Short Sprint format shall be 100 92 86 80 74 68 64 60 56 52 48 46 44 42 40 38 36 34 32 30 ...

- one bonus point shall be awarded to the fastest qualifier in each class

- one bonus point shall be awarded to the driver credited with the fastest lap in each class for each race

- Each driver's TWO worst points scoring weekends for the season shall be dropped (zero points).

- No provisional points will be awarded but any driver who completes at least one timed lap of Qualifying or starts a race shall be scored as though he had finished last in the race(s) that he did not start (DNS).

example 1: Marco Simoncelli qualifies 7th out of 13 drivers but is unable to start Race 1 or Race 2. He would be awarded 13th place for Race 1 and Race 2.

example 2: Marco qualifies on pole for Race 1 but his hot-blooded fiancee Marianella KOs him with a skillet for momentarily paying more attention to the sim racing than her. Marco regains consciousness in time for Race 2 and goes on to finish 3rd. With 12 drivers on the grid for Race 1 that he missed, he would be scored as 13th in Race 1 and 3rd in Race 2.

This gives some nice points scoring options for anyone that gets home late or has a conflict on race night.

Racing Etiquette

We largely have clean racing, we just want to reiterate some points for the new guys signing up with us.

- Like every season, we're not making this a RULE, but it's highly recommended to keep yourself and your fellow racers happy. Set at least three Quick Chats in your options:


"Sorry" is important and means a lot in this league--it lets the person you messed up know that you didn't do it on purpose and you acknowledge you screwed up.

- When exiting the pits, stay behind the pit exit commitment line until it's done--do NOT cut across the track where someone can hit you. Check your mirrors to see if there's anyone near you.

- Be clean and smooth on the start, give and take if you must--we run races anywhere from 30min to 1 hour--there's no reason to run someone over in Turn 1.

- Unless otherwise indicated in the race preview (every track is a bit different), you can put 2 wheels across a curb and/or on grass, MAXIMUM. There are exceptions, and will be discussed depending on the track.

- NEW!! As per discussions we had last season, the increased car count has caused some incidents during passing due to the crowding of the track. Above all else, members requested that we put the passing rules IN WRITING. So here it is--if the car in the act of executing a pass has pulled a fender-length on the car ahead, he now has the right to that line, and the car being passed must not cut down in front of them. At the same time, the car on the inside has the RESPONSIBILITY of not wrecking the car ahead either. Both drivers must make a conscious effort to stay off each other. USE YOUR MIRRORS AND YOUR COMMON SENSE.

- If a faster car is coming up to lap you, you do NOT have to simply pull over and let him by. If he's that much faster, he can do it on the straightaway (make sure you give him room on the straight though.) Be respectful, but do not go out of your way to ruin your race (like say, moving off a racing line in a tight S-Turn) to let them by.

The only exception to this is if you're in the middle of a hard battle for your own position with someone else. Then it's up to the leaders to find a way around you.

- EXPECT the car in front of you, if racing for position, to stick with the preferred line in the corners. Assume that any passing that will occur will either need to be on a straightaway, or if you manage to pull alongside braking into a corner. Accidents happen, but race clean, race hard.

- Additionally, understand that we truly believe that "rubbing is racing" here. Rubbing is not wrecking. The odd bump, nose-to-tail, or door to door banging and rubbing is inevitable. These are big touring cars, the have fenders and doors, and there's 30+ cars on track. If you make minor side to side contact, or a minor tap on a bumper or fender while trying to overtake, that's racing--as long as you understand the DIFFERENCE between a rub/tap and spinning out or wrecking. If you don't, then don't do it. But expect it to happen to you occasionally.

These are largely common sense, just respect others and have a good time.

Protest System

If you are a victim of an on-track incident during a race, a protest may be filed with the Head Steward (currently K Juliot), who will convey the complaint to the other two stewards, who will decide by vote if any penalty will be given.

1) Because we're not sitting here WATCHING the races, no action will be taken on an avoidable hit UNLESS the victim of said hit brings it up with the stewards as soon as possible in PM or in the results thread after the race.

2) The victim of the hit can still, if he wishes, NOT request any action, and either forget it, or talk to the other driver about the incident like we always have. This new system will only be for matters of CONTENTION.

3) The victim must request a review of the incident by either posting in the results thread or by private message to the Head Steward (currently K Juliot) within 24 hours of the checkered flag for the last feature race of the weekend. Please watch the replay to make sure that you're not wasting everyone's time with a complaint. The request for review must include at a minimum which race, which lap, which corner (or in-lap time) and who was involved. Failure to properly request the review will result in its rejection and dismissal of the protest.

4) The penalty will be timed-based and correlated to the amount of time that the victim lost and the status of the guilty driver with drivers who are under probation subject to more severe penalization (position penalty or race suspension depending on probation status). The stewards' decision will be final and the penalty will be assessed within 96 hours of the submission of the protest.

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